Understanding Skepticism

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.’ – Aristotle

You probably do know many things.

But do you know what it means to know something?

How do we know something to be true or false?

Epistemology is the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope, and the distinction between justified belief and opinion.

Skepticism as a philosophy is a family of philosophical views that question the possibility of knowledge or its certainty.

 Philosophical skeptics are often classified into two general categories: Those who deny all possibility of knowledge, and those who advocate for the suspension of judgement due to the inadequacy of evidence.

 This is modeled after the differences between the Academic Skeptics and the Pyrrhonian Skeptics in ancient Greek Philosophy.

Ask yourself these questions and self-reflect:

1- By what process am I making this claim from? What evidence do I have? What is the quality of the evidence? Is it direct or hearsay?

2- How do I know this claim to be true or false? How do I know I’m making an open enquiry without cognitive biases?

Remember that true understanding arise through these key modes of perception:

1- Direct Experience

2- Contextual Framing

1- Direct Experience refers to the sort of intuitive and non-conceptual knowledge that arises after deep investigation of your mind and sensory experience. Its awareness is developed in meditation and psychedelics.

If any information arises in conscious experience that conflicts with your existing worldview and understanding, you modify or replace your understanding rather than trying to fit your inaccurate wordview with how reality is observed to operate.

This is how science is idealized to operate as well. You are merely applying this strategy to mental processes, perception, behaviours and cognition while utilizing attention and awareness in meditation.

2- Contextual Framing refers to the personal interpretation that is required to effectively integrate second hand knowledge to your mental patterns, behaviours and worldview.

Verified knowledge is the process of personal verification of the knowledge regardless of the truth property.

An information can be accurate and true but it is still second hand information if you don’t verify it.

Generalized information needs to be contextualized and modified for your specific mental patterns to utilize the intended benefit.

This results in an easier access to deeper levels of understanding.

To realize this, you must meditate and self enquire.  In essence, you must start living from the present moment. This requires concentration, awareness and mindfulness skills.

There is only one way to put this wisdom into practical living: start a daily meditation practice and start an investigation towards enlightenment.

Theory, debates, reading, listening, talking, arguing and knowledge will only get you so far. 

You must “walk the talk”.

If in doubt, remember the priceless wisdom.

“Meditate on the breath (mindfulness meditation to build concentration and awareness skills) and then self-enquire (the teachings of Ramana Maharshi) until you are free of all psychological sufferings and ego. (aka enlightenment)

Do this everyday and trust in the process that eventually your mind will be healed.


Because all good things require training and patience.

Know that as long as you do the work, the results will eventually follow.”

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