Stoicism on Wisdom: Don’t Rationalize Irrational Behaviours

This is the beginning of Stoicism on Wisdom episodes. These articles are designed to be very short but practical. The idea is to give one big Stoic idea per article.

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“If it is not RIGHT do not do it;
 If it is not TRUE do not say it”
                                                       – Marcus Aurelius

What is an Ideal Stoic Sage?

Someone who always does the right thing.

When we look at our decisions in life. There are really only two types. 

The right choice and the easy choice.

The decision is up to you.

Remember the time you felt guilty after eating your favourite ice cream when you know you should stick to your diet?

Remember the time you need to hustle and pursue your life’s purpose but you rationalized reading novels and comics as equally urgent pursuits?

Remember the time you blamed other people for your circumstances  instead of taking responsibility and solving your problems?

The ideal Stoic sage always does the right thing regardless of the consequences. And the consequences might be very severe.

As a part of your strategy, you might have to quit mainstream entertainment (video games, TV shows, comic books etc.) and aimless chit-chat with friends. 

Nobody said pursuing your life’s purpose would be easy. Nobody said starting a business would be easy. That is why very few people can succeed in their hero’s journeys.

Everything has a price tag attached to it. And I want you to be willing to pay the price.

If you want to create an extraordinary life for yourself, the path is the way of the sage – doing the things you innately know you should be doing.

Ask yourself: What changes you might need to make to live the life you aspire to?

Don’t let these words be forgotten in couple of hours. 

Contemplate first and then take action. Make a change.

I trust that you’ll make the right decision.

But the real question is:

Do you?

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