Here Is How I Achieved a State of No Thought and Peace – Exactly How It Happened (Pure Stillness)

Today I’d like to share with you my “no thought” state of conscious experience. This article won’t be vague, or I won’t be beating around the bush. I’ll go straight into the heart of the question.

Some people may call what I had as enlightenment, awareness, presence or intense mindfulness. It depends on what you mean by the definitions, so there is no reason to get stuck in labels.

I want you to have this experience for yourself. This is the point of the article.

Before we start, you need to know that mindfulness and a state of no thought are the precursors to a peaceful life.

You can achieve this state of mind anywhere anytime. While eating, running, watching a video or doing nothing. So there are no conditions here. Only certain things in your mind need to click.

I’ve been meditating for a long time now so some amount of awareness to our thoughts is needed if you want to experience this as well. That is why I constantly advise you to start a meditation session daily:

Sit down and meditate for at least 20 mins a day.

In a state of complete presence, everything becomes enjoyable. Drinking water is fun for the first time. Now playing video games is  more enjoyable than ever. Because you are intensely in the state of now.

Let me repeat it one more time for those who may still not see the significance of this:

“Mindfulness, presence and a state of no thinking is the single most effective habit you can incorporate into your life which will COMPLETELY transform everything for the better. Most importantly, it will make you magnitudes happier. I’m not even counting the incredible results you can have in your practical life due to extreme amounts of concentration.”

Hopefully, I’ve gotten a little bit of your attention here. By the end of this article, I’ll have a challenge for you which will help you to directly experience the same experience I had. Not to just believe me or Eckhart Tolle.

Anyways, going back to my experience of no-thought.


Here is Exactly How It Happened: 


First of all, I was not even meditating while this happened to me. It took easily 24 hours before it started to lose its intensity. (And the reason it lost its intensity is that I’d started to get less and less conscious of the present moment.)

Second of all, interacting with the world, noise, reading, thinking or any sort of activity did not affect this state of no thinking and peace. This may sound paradoxical but even while I was thinking, a state of serenity was in the forefront of my mind. Even when I had a thought or two, they were really silent in the background.

Okay with that said, let’s get into it.

I was recently watching videos of Eckhart Tolle speaking on enlightenment and mindfulness. I’ve watched many videos of his but one of them, in particular, made me have a breakthrough in awareness and led me to a state of no-thinking and peace.

It was this exact video that made me understand things:  What Will I Get Out of Liberation?

I’ll wait here. Go and watch that video now. Then come back to learn about how it helped me.



So, one of the things with Eckhart Tolle is that his voice is really soothing so I assume his voice had a calming effect on my mind. As I was listening to many of his videos in a row, my mind may have slowly released its tension. I recommend you to get into a relaxed state of mind as you listen to him as well.

You can even read his books to get a deeper feel to his teachings. My favorite of his books is “The Power of Now“. Definitely, mindset transforming for as I was beginning my spiritual journey. Check it out.

The other thing is the way Eckhart described how pursuing or seeking a state of no thought was a mistake. Those words in that video made me realize certain things.

To paraphrase Eckart:

The moment you put enlightenment and liberation of thinking as a goal to achieve in the future, you’ll never achieve it. Life is now. Always. You don’t have to meditate for years to achieve this state of mind. You can have it right here, right now. There are no conditions.

As I was watching that video (and other videos in that channel), that extra emphasis on the importance of the present moment, helped me to stop my internal monologue for an over 24 hours.

Those were the best 24 hours of my life.  Of course, that state of mind continued the next day but the intensity of it went up and down after that. I currently am working on to make this a permanent state of mind.

But let I digress.

At that time, I felt a sense of complete peace and calmness. My mind was completely empty. The amount of blood that goes from my temples to my brain had increased. I felt the pulse on my temples very clearly.

Then I started to laugh for a couple of seconds for no reason. And boom! Thought vanished.

It felt like I’ve found the on-off switch for thinking. Whenever I wanted, I was able to think and speak and then completely shut these off and go into a state of complete being.

I was completely in the realm of awareness. I was looking at the thoughts from a different level of consciousness.

Nothing bugged me. Stress and anxiety disappeared. There was no thoughts about the future or the past. I was just enjoying everything I did without over analyzing and judging. I was free from all negative emotions all the while functioning in the world.

And I wasn’t meditating all day to cultivate this state of calmness and no thinking. It was here with me all the time as I was going through my day to day actions. This was certainly a shift in awareness and it felt like permanent high.




Here is what I want you to take away from here. 

if somebody today would come to me and say:

I want that state of consciousness too. I want to be free of sufferings, anxieties, and worry. I want to be able to consciously detach from my thinking process. I want to find that on-off switch as well.

There are two key things I recommend that you do:


1- Investigate Presence and Enlightenment:

Invest In Your Intellectual Capital


Read Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now” and Peter Ralston’s book “The Book of Not Knowing” .  Those are two of my favourite books on this topic.

Also watch Eckhart Tolle’s videos on youtube. Follow Sadhguru, Shinzen Young and other spiritual teachers. Read books and watch videos on mindfulness meditation and why it is an important asset for an happy life.

What you need to do is to invest in your intellectual capital. Without wisdom, you’ll fall back to your unconscious life in no time. So please, do me a favour and start a long term investigation to this field of enlightenment and presence.


2- Start a Daily Mindfulness Meditation Practice

30 Day Challenge


So here is what you do:

Sit down and  do mindfulness meditation every single day from today. At least 20 minutes a day. Set an alarm for it.


You don’t have to curl up. Just get into a comfortable position where your spine is straight (this is to make sure you are fully alert) and then just observe your thoughts.


I repeat: just observe your thoughts. Don’t try to block anything.  Let whatever come, accept it and just watch your monkey mind.


Then feel the external world through your senses. If you hear bird chirping, then note it down. If your back hurts, then note it down on your mind. If you feel a tension somewhere in your body, note that down as well.


Also be mindful to your internal emotions as well. When the boredom comes, stay with it. Don’t judge it. Just feel the present moment as is. Fully accepting everything that happens at that moment.


You can do it either eyes close or open. I prefer closing eyes as open eyes makes me lose concentration but it can go both ways. Whichever makes you feel comfortable.


After you go through 30 days of being mindful of your thoughts, I want you to be mindful as you eat, as you do work, as you walk and as you interact with life.


Without incorporating mindfulness to daily life outside of meditation, the chances of you achieving pure awareness state permanently is very slim. I’m currently working on this myself.


By the way, don’t forget to continue the meditation practice after 30 days. Commit to this and make a habit of it for life.

That’s it.

Over a period of months, I guarantee that you’ll start to see results if you stick to these 2 key things. This is how it worked for me. Hopefully it works for you too.

Before we wrap this up, check out some further resources from me 🙂

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