Arda Cigin

Do You Suffer From Depression and Mood Swings?


One of the curses of being alive is struggling to continue our livelihood.

 In the 21st century, we no longer have tigers and lions waiting around the corner but mind created psychological sufferings and status anxieties.

Our reasoning, imagination and thinking capabilities are making us worried, depressed and dissatisfied with life.

With Stoic Leaders, I’m here to help you solve these psychological sufferings using neuroscience, psychology, meditation and stoic wisdom.  

Anchor Yourself In The Present Moment


One of the key realization in this pursuit is shortly described by Buddha:

“Desire and attachment is the root of all suffering.”

It is easy to philosophize and and say: “Oh yeah, that’s a cool saying.”

But comprehension has many degrees. If unpacked, this sentence can have tremendous positive effects in your life.

To directly experience this truth for yourself, you’ll have to start a daily meditation practice and learn how to anchor yourself in the present moment.

Practice Daily Meditation - Train The Mind


What is the point of starting a daily meditation practice?

To train the mind, of course.

Just like you practice weight lifting to train the body, same must be done to our minds.

In broad terms, we practice 2 key faculties of the mind when we meditate:

1- Concentration: Laser point focus to the meditation object (ex. breath)

2-  Awareness: The abilitiy to take in many stimulation and keep our focus lightly on all of them.


Practice Patience and Acceptance


Meditation may appear easy on the surface, but don’t be fooled by its simplicity.

Boredom, frustration and discouragement is a serious obstacle for many beginners.

To go through the difficult times, instead of punishing yourself, you need to practice patience and self-acceptance.

The end of suffering (enlightenment) is on the horizan after all.


Testimonials: What our customers say?

“…What makes Arda different than rest of the teachers I’ve worked with is his deep knowledge of psychology and meditation. He doesn’t just tell you “do this and you are good to go.” He also shows you the reason and rhyme behind why things are the way they are.  

And this creates a solid framework I can use.  Not only that but I also find a deep motivation to end my psychological sufferings like anxiety, depression and uncontrolled mind wandering because inherently I know it can be done.

As the saying goes: “Don’t give the man a fish, but teach him how to catch one.”

Thanks, Arda! You’ve changed my life.

- John C. from England

“…Before I started working with Arda, no one believed in me (not even myself). He taught me the importance of self-belief and I’ve been developing it since then. 

Otherwise, I would’ve never realized that majority of my problems were actually self-imposed limitations I’ve created. My subconscious mind was creating these thoughts about how insufficient I am. How I need to “prove” myself to others.

After preparing with Arda’s teachings, I’ve started to catch my negative thoughts and learn how to respond to my emotions and feelings instead of reacting to them.

- Malika S. from Pakistan

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Hope you get value from them.

True Happiness : Cure Suffering With Stoicism and Buddhism